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Home Cinema

We offer full cinema systems of any size, if you have a room you'd like to convert into a cinema or would just like to have a system installed in your living room then we will be able to help.

We can offer a full design service & will provide everything from the furniture to the electrical work or if you already have a look in mind then we'll happily work with you to create your dream home cinema.

We use high quality components from some well known brands such as Marantz, Onkyo, Optoma & Kef alongside some not so well known brands as we believe that you should have the best quality & performance not just the best name.


Multi Room Audio

Discreet systems to distribute hi-fi quality sound to rooms in your home.  No trailing wires, just intuitive controls and high quality speakers in your ceiling or wall.

By combining shared audio equipment and electronic controls you can access your MP3 player, CD, radio or digital music in any room in the house.  Intuitive controls allow you to select individual tracks or channels in each room and to control the volume to suit surroundings.  

We can find a solution to suit your needs, from total installation to supply only, including wiring, integrated speakers and hi-fi equipment.  From wireless solutions, such as Sonos, to bespoke music servers we can find something that will be music to your ears!

Home Automation/Control

Control your home from anywhere..

A home automation system makes this is possible - you can control lights, appliances, curtains and blinds, security cameras and even doors and windows from simple wall switches, touch-panels, your computer as well as your mobile phone. 
Using sophisticated controllers and sensors can enhance your home, giving you additional security and entertainment features.

  • Blinds and curtains can be opened and closed automatically - triggered either by daylight or at a pre-programmed time or at the touch of a button.
  • External sensors can trigger both internal and external lights - either as an added security feature or to provide additional lighting on demand.
  • Lighting controllers can be pre-programmed - to respond an intruder by switching all lights on, in holiday mode to switch on and off as if you were at home, to light your gardens, pathways and corridors turning on and off at pre-selected times or in response to a triggered sensor.
  • All lighting circuits can be integrated including low voltage and fluorescent.  Many circuits can be dimmed to create scene and cinema settings.
  • Android & iPhone Apps make controlling your home via your smart phone as simple as pressing a button.

TV/Satellite Systems/Installations

With the world of TV changing we offer a full installation service for the following:

  • Aerial installations & upgrades for Digital TV/Freeview.
  • Satellite installations for SKY & Freesat.
  • Multiswitch based satellite systems to allow multiple boxes to connect to the same dish.
  • Discrete solutions for listed buildings etc.
  • European/Foreign satellite reception installs (either fixed or motorised systems).
  • Modulated TV systems - To allow your DVD player, PC or VCR to be viewed on any TV in the house.
  • Supply & installation of TVs & Set top boxes, we can even set up your SKY contract for you.

If you have any other TV requirements please contact us.


A CCTV system from Homecomms offers an unobtrusive home security system.  We can specify a system to suit you and your home from miniature cameras to long range and dome cameras, whether its keeping an eye on the back garden or seeing who is at the door, then we have something for you.
From a fully configured CCTV system with recording facility to remote camera viewable from any TV or PC, a Homecomms system can give you peace of mind.

Our CCTV products/systems have the following features:

  • Mini, dome, long range, covert, external/weatherproof cameras
  • Cameras can record in colour or black and white, while infra-cameras provide night vision ability. 
  • Simple recording systems or feature-packed digital recording systems
  • All systems are simple to operate and can be viewed on your TVs
  • We also have a range of IP cameras and DVRs which can be viewed and controlled by internet access from a PC or mobile phone when you are away from your home.