Our Services

Design - From an initial briefing, we will research your requirements to create a project design that suits your needs.  This can be at the very beginning of your plan for a new home or we can design for one-off projects.  We will design your cabling infrastructure, equipment locations & housing. We will work with your architect, electricians and interior designer so that your project progresses smoothly from beginning to end.   

Installation - With a range of specialist skills we are able to install all the elements of your project.  All the cables, equipment and software, from the door to the sofa, from roof to basement.

Integration - We aim to integrate all the parts of your installation, by providing smart remote controls and wall controls, you will be able to access and control all the elements of your installation throughout your home. 

Commissioning - we recognise that the most important part of the process is handing it over to you.  We know that you are busy people and want it all to work smoothly, so we take time to show you how all the elements of your installation work.

Support - Once your installation is complete, we make sure we are always available to meet any support needs you have.